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EXPRO it about the advantages of digital workplaces

Workplaces are changing. The traditional workplace is increasingly changing into a digital workplace. You can read about what a digital workplace is in our previous article, but how does this work in practice? Jeroen Busschers of EXPRO it explains this through two cases.

The user as a starting point

The first case is from Stadsbank East Netherlands. With employees all over the region, working from home is very common. Because of the nature of the work, high demands are placed on security. EXPRO it was involved in the advice and implementation process. “There were three candidates: Citrix, Microsoft and VMware. We decided on VMware Horizon,” says Busschers. He indicated that VMware was the better choice because it deals better with resources and is less complex. “You also notice that people are really thinking about both integration and the user” says Busschers. “All candidates have taken over companies or services in recent years and at VMware we see that integration was the most successful.” The user is the other aspect that Busschers mentioned. “Unlike other suppliers that have been designed from an administrative role, you can tell that VMware has really taken the user as the starting point. That is a fundamental difference.”

Separate profiles

Thanks to VMware Horizon, the employees of Stadsbank Oost Nederland always have access to all the data they need to carry out their work, wherever they are and from any device. For companies that want separation between work and private applications due to security requirements, there is VMware Workspace One. Busschers speaks of “separate containers”. This means, for example, that if a user is logged into a business app, there is no way to share this data with the personal social media applications. Those personal apps can and may be installed, but in the private profile.

Connectivity is not an issue

Busschers has already indicated that VMware Horizon handles resources very economically. This applies to both the server side and the customer side. The latter is a big advantage for the employees of Stadsbank Oost Nederland, who don’t have access to high quality broadband connectivity. “Stadsbank Oost Nederland has employees who work just over the border or on the outskirts. The availability and quality of broadband is limited here,” Busschers explains. “These employees can still work because only a limited amount of data is sent through the line. We know that this group also uses 4G without any problems. That connectivity isn’t an issue is a real relief for anyone who has had experience with remote desktops and mobile workstations from the past.”

Data protection by VMware Horizon

The second case is about Mitsubishi Turbocharger and Engine Europe B.V.where many designs are made. Heavy workstations used to be used for this work. However, the company was regularly confronted with employees who had to work from home. In such situations, the workstations were picked up and placed at the employee’s home. Although that worked, there was a great deal of concern: all designs and data were therefore on the outside. The risk of loss or theft of this data is now minimized, because we chose VMware Horizon. Busschers: “Working from home has become a lot easier and more secure for this customer. In addition, they can show and discuss the work much more easily at the suppliers’ location.”

Different profiles can be used for each workplace. Busschers: “For example a designer who logs in with the appropriate profile. Then he logs out to see what has been made in a test environment and then logs in for the production with a third profile. That saves a lot of time and costs, because the employee doesn’t need separate devices.” At VMware Horizon, a licence model is used based on usage, so not on the user. This makes such a workplace configuration is much easier to achieve.

What does optimisation of the digital workplace mean for workplace managers?

Busschers has mainly seen that support has become much easier. “A digital workplace solution, such as VMware Horizon, gives the administrator more insights, making management easier. Furthermore, things such as updating and managing profiles are easier.” These are, underlines Busschers, advantages for both the administrator and the user. In addition, he can see a connection with a development that has been visible for some time. “Workplace managers are becoming more and more like application managers. That’s an important and positive change for the people concerned because it gives more satisfaction.”

For whom is a digital workplace suitable?

Busschers: “People still think that this is mainly something for enterprises. But with the advancement of technology, it can also be an interesting and realistic solution for SMEs.” Busschers sees opportunities in environments with at least 15 workplaces. Incidentally, VMware Workspace One and Horizon are also worthy of consideration for smaller companies that have to pay particular attention to the security of data, such as notaries and lawyers. As far as Busschers is concerned, the market for digital workplaces is generally much larger than many people realise.

Fundaments’ role

Busschers: “More and more of our customers want 100% certainty about the physical location of the data, which among other things has to do with the GDPR,” says Busschers. “Fundaments being an IaaS provider, we know that we comply with this. In addition, we think it’s important to do business with a party that can do more than just deliver the required software. Good advice about the required hardware resources for the Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) environments, for example, is also essential for us. The fact that they can also supply the Nvidia video solution, makes Fundaments for us a very suitable partner. ”

We recognize this development at Fundaments. As an IaaS provider, we have all the required certifications to serve partners with customers like governments, healthcare institutions and companies. In combination with our years of experience and the conscious choice to offer our own services from Dutch data centres, we are optimally able to achieve a wide range of digital workplace applications.


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