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CoBrowser about working effectively and efficiently

Working effectively and efficiently, who wouldn’t want that? Using the right resources and partners helps. Fundaments provides the partners with the right IaaS building blocks to work faster and smarter. This helps partners to offer their own customers good quality services. This conclusion is partly based on the feedback we receive from our partners. One of these partners is CoBrowser. CoBrowser is a supplier of live chat and cobrowsing software from Groningen. Below, Jeroen Mahler, Managing Director of CoBrowser, explains how CoBrowser’s operations have changed by switching to Fundaments IaaS services.

From bare metal to IaaS

Mahler explains what was used before. “Before we became a client of Fundaments, our services ran on bare metal with a host. This service was managed, but we didn’t escape from having the necessary knowledge of the hardware and controls available. So we could better understand what was going on and what was possible regarding things like scalability. Looking back, we needed a lot of knowledge about things that don’t directly relate to our own services. “

After CoBrowser migrated from physical hardware to the Fundaments IaaS cloud, the need for knowledge of hardware and its scaling and maintenance in-house was no longer needed. Mahler calls this a big advantage, because from then on the entire team could focus on their core business: live chat software. The question whether they work more efficiently at CoBrowser now therefore has an affirmative answer.

More focus and higher efficiency

“With the elimination of conventional hosting, a degree of uncertainty about availability was also eliminated”, says Mahler. “We always felt compelled to keep an eye on whether there was sufficient capacity and that the performance developed well. In the IaaS model that Fundaments uses, this is also necessary, but you can act much faster. The strict separation between tasks and responsibilities ensures that we no longer have to worry about hardware and infrastructure. In a positive sense, that mainly affects our developers. In the past, it was impossible to make changes without taking into account ordering procedures for physical hardware. Capacity is now controlled with a mouse click or call. As a result, the developers can now continuously develop, adapt and implement undisturbed. More focus and higher efficiency.”

Do the other departments at CoBrowser also work differently than before?

“By using the platform and the expertise of Fundaments, our company has made a leap forward in the professionalisation of our part of the chain. Security and SLAs are now even better regulated. That’s an advantage for everyone, both internally; from development to sales, and externally; the customers of course”,  says Mahler. “In addition, Fundaments’ solid flexibility is also an important factor. With the approach that something should be fixed first before discussing the bill, they help us enormously. This way of working ensures that we can fully focus on our core business. “

Last question, what difference does it make to your customers?

“Most of our customers won’t notice that we work differently, particularly more efficiently, behind the scenes”, says Mahler. “But what our customers do notice is that we have delivered more quality under the same conditions.”

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