Fundaments only works with proven technologies. This means that only Enterprise hardware is purchased, as well as software from the market leaders and instalment at ISO27001 certified data centre locations. We therefore have different partnerships with the suppliers mentioned below.



Our suppliers


VMware is a strategic supplier for Fundaments. All building blocks for the cloud are kept together with VMware vSphere virtualisation and distributed among users. The vSphere virtualisation provides a very stable platform with high performance. The web portal used by the Fundaments partners, vCloud Director, provides the tools to put together the perfect cloud. As an Enterprise service provider, Fundaments has access to the latest software versions and the best support, so that the service can be offered at the highest level.


Dell is a strategic supplier for Fundaments in the field of infrastructure. For both computing power and storage systems, Fundaments makes extensive use of Dell’s infrastructure. By using Enterprise class hardware, coupled with the four-hour pro support from Dell, Fundaments can make and keep its infrastructure highly available.


Since the beginning of 2015, Fundaments have used Pernixdata to unlock their storage. With this set, Fundaments have taken the storage portfolio, which is based on SAS drives, to a higher level of performance. PernixData has developed an innovative way using SSD caching the data that is often consulted in a server, to serve on SSD. As a result, the user experience is equal to that of SSD-based storage, but this isn’t fully achieved this way, resulting in a cost-efficient solution.


Veeam software is the party for Fundaments when it comes to making backups of virtual infrastructure. The solution, which doesn’t require the installation of an agent, allows Fundaments to provide a backup of a virtual data centre.


In the search for innovation and continuous improvement of our services Fundaments has found Cohesity as a new backup services provider. With this product, Fundaments further improves backup services by allowing users to manage the complete backup and restoration process themselves.


Zerto is the supplier for Fundaments when it comes to disaster recovery. With the Zerto software it is possible to protect a virtual environment, in a very simple way, against calamities and have them transferred between production locations, with one mouse click.

Network partners

The following network partners are an important part of our service:


Cisco plays an important role in the core network of both our data centre locations in Enschede and Hengelo. The Nexus 5000 series is used to provide redundant network connectivity to both the internet and the various racks in the data centre. In Enschede EN1 we use the UCS blade system as a basis for the vCloud platform.


Brocade is used by Fundaments for the connection with our various internet providers. All BGP traffic is handled by Brocade MLX-4E routers.


The NL-ix is ​​an important network in Europe. With more than 475 members and activity in more than 70 data centres in Europe, this network plays an important role in handling internet traffic. Especially European (Dutch) traffic goes through this junction. Fundaments connects with this network in Amsterdam on a 10 Gbps interface.


AMS-IX forms the most important network in the Netherlands when it comes to internet connectivity, with 720 members of which 82% are foreign parties. Fundaments connects with a 10Gbps connection at this junction.


Hibernia networks provides Fundaments with another important network in the Netherlands; the AMS-ix. In addition, it provides Fundaments with the necessary transit connectivity, so that all locations on the internet can be reached.


The NDIX is a digital marketplace in the east of the Netherlands for opening up ICT services. Fundaments use this marketplace to provide access to customers via a private line that runs over the NDIX network. In addition, Fundaments can provide these connections with an internet connection.