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Climate and global warming are hot topics nowadays. The next 10 years will therefore be crucial in determining our future planet. Thanks to the huge social focus on sustainability and climate change, it is becoming increasingly clear that we need to drastically reduce our CO2 emissions. Fundaments is also very aware of this and therefore manages its environmental impact during every step it takes.

Fundaments works closely with its technology partners to optimize aspects such as performance, stability, sustainability, efficiency and lifespan. Fundaments only chooses suppliers who set at least the same high standards for its services as Fundaments itself. This means that we are not only able to reduce our total environmental impact ourselves, but also, in collaboration with our partners, aim for optimal sustainability and ultimately protection of our planet.


Our data centers use 99% of our energy. Fundaments works exclusively from Tier3+ data centers in the Netherlands. A Tier3+ data center is currently the highest achievable class for a Dutch data center.

The data center locations of Fundaments are:

Equinix EN1NL EastProduction location
Previder PDC2NL EastProduction location
Equinix AM2NL WestProduction location
InterXion AMS7NL WestProduction location

    Equinix is committed to building a better, more inclusive and more sustainable world. Equinix was recognized as a leader in sustainability maintaining an A- rating from CDP and the EPA’s 2021 Green Power Partnership top 100. Equinix is partnering with like-minded organizations to advance low-carbon energy policies, share renewable energy procurement knowledge and encourage innovation.


    • Equinix achieved 95% renewable coverage for their global data center energy consumption
    • Equinix pursued Science-based Targets and announced global commitment to becoming climate neutral by 2030
    • Equinix issued $4.9B* Green Bonds, committing to accelerating their efforts on green buildings, energy efficiency and water consumption
    • $2M+ in employee donations, corporate matching and grants
    • Procurement led-strategy focused on supply chain diversity and sustainability

    Previder has two sustainable, carrier-neutral data centers in the east of the Netherlands. All facilities, such as networks, the redundant power supply (2N+1) and the free-to-air cooling and cold corridors that keep the temperature and humidity constant, meet the highest requirements. PDC1 is the first data center in the world to receive the BREEAM Excellent designation. They use 100% green electricity, have a solar park and reuse residual heat.

    InterXion AMS7 is a modern facility that opened in 2015 and offers N+1 UPS power and N+1 cooling, as well as the most advanced alarm and monitoring systems. AMS7 supports the latest high-density power configurations and has been designed using Digital Realty’s energy-efficient modular architecture, with 100% renewable energy, free cooling and maximum-efficiency components as standard.

    Naturally, 100% of their energy comes from renewable sources. They have developed energy-saving designs in their sustainable data centers and are doing everything they can to reduce their ecological footprint. They use green wind and water energy and use groundwater for sustainable cooling of their data centers. Energy is a crucial part of their services to customers. This means that they are always looking for new ways to improve energy efficiency, reduce carbon emissions and reduce waste. All InterXion data centers in the Netherlands are certified with ISO 50001, Energy Management

    Fundaments does not use outdated hardware, because it’s usually not energy efficient. Hardware that is outdated will be replaced. Finally, efficient airflow is facilitated in the data centers within each rack. Cool air enters at the front and the heat is dissipated at the back. Fundaments optimizes the airflow by placing equipment in the right way and ensuring neat cabling at the back. Because the cooling is efficient and the heat can dissipate well, Fundaments reduces energy consumption on an optimal way.


    Fundaments has formulated clear objectives to limit our CO2 footprint in the coming years. We are constantly monitoring, steering and adapting our services and Cloud solutions at every stage of our development. Obviously aimed at the most important environmental factors at Fundaments.

    ISO 14001
    Fundaments complies with the ISO 14001 standard, the international standard for environmental management. This standard describes how an organization can manage process-related risks in the area of the environment and, if possible, prevent them. It helps Fundaments to make its Cloud more sustainable and to reduce the ecological footprint, so that the burden on the environment is reduced.

    Office management
    Fundaments has implemented a number of changes at the office to limit its impact on the environment:

    • Waste flows: all waste flows have been mapped. The waste is separated from each other by means of different waste bins. Fundaments separates all its waste in accordance with the applicable standards; residual waste, PMD, GFT & paper.
    • Electric cars: Fundaments makes it possible to charge electric cars using charging stations in the parking lot at the office.
    • Traveling: travel to customers, data center locations, office and other destinations have been identified and restricted.
    • Car-free working day: Fundaments wants to stimulate transportation by bicycle or public transport. Therefore, Fundaments introduced a car-free working day 6 days a year. On these days, employees will not be able to come to the office by car.
    • Paper usage: Fundaments uses paper, but only when there is absolutely no other option.
    • Fossil fuel usage: gas consumption is almost unavoidable, for example for heating or travelling. Fundaments has identified its sources and measures where optimization can take place.
    • Cargo control: purchasing is arranged centrally, which prevents unnecessary transport.
    • Environmental friendly office: the office is furnished in an environmentally friendly way, with green electricity, renewable energy, facilities for public transport, bicycle transport and electric transport, as well as a wide range of plants. In addition, there is a 60%/40% office/home working arrangement to prevent unnecessary travel.
    • Lifecycle management: Fundaments monitors the lifespan of its hardware and only consumes within the lifespan of its hardware. When selecting hardware, the impact on the environment is critically examined.

    Management statement
    Fundaments has mapped out a number of objectives for 2023 with regard to the environment. Specifically, they will do the following:

    • Address all data centers and where possible steer towards an even better PUE value
    • Map power per GB RAM and bring it down where possible
    • Reduce spinning disk numbers per TB sold in %
    • Steer towards more use of public transport and bicycle transport by employees
    • Where possible use cold/hot corridors in data centers

    At Fundaments we stand for openness and certainty. Would you like to know more about our environmental reports, suppliers, facts and figures? Please contact our environmental officer directly via [email protected]

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