Nowadays more and more people are working in the cloud. But what actually is the cloud? For whom is this suitable and what is the role of Fundaments in this? Questions we often get asked. To answer these questions, we have drawn up several whitepapers. These describe the developments in the field of cloud, but also show very clearly how cloud is used.

The whitepapers below are written in Dutch.



IaaS as semi-finished product for partners

Fundaments prefers customers to be partners. These partners use Fundaments to fully focus on what they are good at; the service included. This whitepaper is about QL-ICT that has built a strong service on the IaaS from Fundaments.

IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service)

The cloud consists of a great deal of parts. One of these is the infrastructure, the semi-finished product that Fundaments offers to build a cloud. This whitepaper is about the infrastructure service that Fundaments offer.

IaaS as a basis

The cloud offers high availability and flexibility, but often the switch to the cloud is perceived as a barrier. Aspects such as management, location and security are frequently used arguments. This whitepaper elaborates on these aspects and describes how Fundaments offer a solution.

Switching to IaaS pays off

More and more organisations are switching to the cloud. Greater flexibility, lower costs and faster innovation are the main reasons for this choice. What are the points of attention in the migration of the existing infrastructure and applications to the cloud?

The added value of Private Connections

For a long time, it was common in process and office automation that data and applications were used and managed as much as possible from their own environments. Nowadays more and more people are working in the cloud. This means that more connections should be used. In this document, Fundaments describe the backgrounds and benefits of private connections.

The importance of the difference between public and private cloud in practice

The term ‘cloud’ is now well known to many. More and more organisations are finding their way to the cloud. A good time to look at different types of cloud. The market should be familiar with the difference between private and public cloud and has specific requirements. But is this true?

The importance of a disaster recovery policy

Disaster recovery is a godsend for every entrepreneur. Whether it concerns a multinational or the bicycle repair shop on the corner with the small web shop, it helps everyone prevent a potential disaster. You would also think that everyone knows what disaster recovery is, what it can do and why it is needed.

Three digital threats, three solutions

How do you protect your cloud services?

Meta description preview: In practice, many organisations lack the right protection against digital threats. And that while the number of digital threats is growing every year. It’s high time to find out how you and your customers can adequately protect yourselves against this.