F-secure radar; always an up to date picture of your security status

Complete security requires an up to date view of the potential vulnerabilities in your cloud infrastructure. That’s why you want to continuously monitor your websites and services for possible security risks. Because then you can quickly take the right measures to prevent data loss or other damage. F-Secure Radar gives you a user-friendly service to easily identify risks, monitor 24/7 and quickly take the right action.

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F-secure radar

Identify vulnerabilities easily

The number of cyber-attacks continues to grow. Many of these attacks exploit vulnerabilities in software that your people use. Especially in a larger cloud environment it’s difficult to get a good picture of potential risks. However, this is necessary to prevent risks and to take targeted security measures on time.

With F-secure Radar, Fundaments offers you direct access to an up to date database with a complete overview of all vulnerabilities, known and new, as illustrated in Figure 1.  This SaaS service makes it easy to automatically scan your own services, websites or IP addresses for vulnerabilities. Through its own online portal, this tool helps you to easily monitor and manage risks and threats. You can build a dashboard for maximum insight into the security of your own environment. You have a complete picture of existing and new vulnerabilities and can assess risks well. These insights help you to prevent problems with targeted measures.

Figure 1: Overview of vulnerable surface. (source F-secure)

Maximum insight into the security status

The tool is very user friendly. Once logged in, you can automatically scan the environment or specific parts according to your own schedule. This means that you only have to respond to exceptions. In addition, you send a signal directly to the right person or department for an extra check or appropriate measures. Based on this data, you build up a history of your security situation. It’s also easy to generate reports for various user groups or departments. In addition to a complete picture of security, all security activities can be tested and the security status is always transparent.

Demonstrable security policy

F-Secure’s SaaS service complies with the most important certifications such as the PCI Security Standard, which is appealing for web shops and websites and services with payment transactions. The regulations surrounding the GDPR are also supported. Through the reporting options and workflows you can always show which vulnerabilities have been identified and which measures have been taken. This ensures maximum transparency.

Flexible payment model

The service is provided for a fixed monthly amount per IP. The minimum contract term is one month, so you will always have maximum flexibility. This way you not only keep control of your security, but also of the costs. When you want to scan large quantities of services, it’s possible to make scale agreements.

An extra security device

Fundaments is pleased to offer you the building blocks for your ideal cloud. Reliable security is now indispensable. That’s why we now offer an extra service with F-Secure that helps you to trace potential vulnerabilities in your cloud environment in a low-threshold and reliable way and to prevent risks. This allows you to quickly build the cloud services you want and scan them easily and reliably for vulnerabilities.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Maximum visibility of all vulnerabilities.
  • 24/7 scans based on the most current developments and insights.
  • A user friendly and personal dashboard.
  • Quick insight into potential threats.
  • Adequate signalling of risks.
  • Fast, automated processes for targeted measures.
  • Extensive reporting options.
  • Maximum transparency facilitates compliance.
  • Flexible price model.

More control over your security?

Do you want maximum control over your security? And stop cyber-attacks before they exploit vulnerabilities? Our experts will be happy to tell you how to refine your security with F-Secure Radar. Contact us at info@fundaments.nl  or call 088 4 227 227.

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More control over your security?
A leap forward
“By using Fundaments’ platform and expertise we have made a leap forward as a company in professionalising our part of the chain.’’
Jeroen Mahler
Managing Director of CoBrowser
Excellent flexibility
“Fundaments’ excellent flexibility is also an important factor. The viewpoint of making sure something is fixed before talking about the invoice is very helpful to us.”
Jeroen Mahler
Managing Director of CoBrowser
Modern smart firewall
"We were looking for a solution that would help defend us against every possible vector attack. We really needed a modern, smart firewall and with the Fundaments Next Generation Redundant Firewall offer, based on Fortinet technology, we have got exactly what we wanted. It was a logical choice for us.”
Maarten Huijs
Engineer at Kempen Automatisering
Trusting a partner
"Sometimes specific knowledge is imperative and it isn’t always profitable to acquire this in-house. It’s great to be able to trust a partner who takes that worry away, who’s familiar with the subject and doesn’t immediately send an invoice for every little thing. This partner will have an ongoing conversation with you: what is it you need, how can we tackle this and find a solution? That’s what Fundaments does."
Richard Hagen of the Rolf group
Multiple physical locations
"If the customer wants to have their data stored in several physical locations in view of DR, this is possible. But whether it’s a customised option or well-planned standard options, the customer doesn’t have to worry about a thing. That’s the beauty of the new ways of BU and DR"
Michel Erkens and Alexander van Bruchem of Onguard
Good solution with less costs
“When you look at the connectivity costs, meaning the private connections, as a part of migrating to the cloud, where you no longer need your own hardware or maintenance, your insurance policy is reduced, the company’s energy expenditure goes down and other expenses become smaller, you will see that this is really a good solution.”
Jeroen Bruggeman
Enterprise Administrator at CNS-IT
Security is no.1
At Cobrowser they’ve noticed a huge difference in how companies deal with security. “There are companies who consider this not so important. It’s essential to us to find a partner who takes security seriously. That’s why we’ve chosen Fundaments. Security is a very natural element of our collaboration.”
Frank Leegstra
Director and security officer of CoBrowser
Time saving and significantly reduced down time
“We can now reduce the actual down time with a migration to minutes instead of hours. This means many advantages for our customers and that’s the most important thing. In addition, it saves time for our engineers.”
Harm Jan Stam
Technical Supervisor at Oxilion