Partner programme

The Fundament partner programme is a unique programme for a complete business life cycle. A partnership throughout the entire chain, to provide unrivalled support and accelerate the growth of your organisation. This allows you to deliver and promote leading cloud services.

Fast Forward with Fundaments

Fast Forward with Fundaments

Based on feedback from our existing partners, a programme has been developed to offer practical help that consists of:

  • Support for business development in the field of cloud infrastructure;
  • Product differentiation and development – with proactive advice from our engineers on IaaS solutions;
  • Marketing support, including knowledge sessions;
  • Access to Fundaments infrastructure for Proof of Concept and demos;
  • High flexibility and scalability adjustable per hour;
  • Flexible financing;
  • More control with access to detailed reports and statistics.

This partner programme brings together three important factors: our commitment to sell only through partners, strengthening ties with our partners and our ability to share knowledge and expertise. All this to stimulate growth for partners.

Conditions for successful partnering

It’s all about more than just the quality of the IaaS platform. Richard Hagen of the Rolf group, one of the partners of the first hour, describes partnering with Fundaments as follows: “We often have to deal with processes where infrastructure plays a role. In a number of cases, specific knowledge is necessary and it’s not always profitable to acquire this knowledge yourself. It’s is good if you can rely on a partner who takes care of it, is familiar with the matter and doesn’t immediately send a bill for everything. Fundaments will have an open conversation with you: what do you want, how can we approach and solve it together? That’s what Fundaments do.”

Attractive margins

We understand that you also want to have attractive margins on the services you provide. That’s why all our prices are calculated on delivery. We use pay-as-you-use price model. You only pay the invoice when you invoice the customer.


In order to grow together we believe that sharing knowledge is important. That’s why we organise KnowledgeEvents and a PartnerEvent several times a year. You can read all about the next event here.

Everything at a glance:

  • We only supply to partners and are therefore no competitor  to our partners.
  • We are fully specialised in creating the perfect basis for a cloud.
  • Simply offer a quality product without having to make high investments.
  • Technical and marketing support from Fundaments.
  • A competitively priced pay-as-you-use pricing model based on Enterprise hardware and knowledge.

Benefits for Fundaments as a partner:

  • The partner relationship fits in well; we are equipped to work together with managers and builders.
  • You will receive a specialised knowledge partner in infrastructure.
  • We speak the same language and you have direct contact with a specialist.
  • We are available 24/7 in emergencies, without additional costs.
  • Attractive prices, calculated on delivery.
  • We help you with clear invoices, specified per customer
  • We only send the invoice when you invoice the customer

With our stable foundation, partners can build the perfect cloud for their customers.

Want to become a partner?

Seeing is believing. Do you want to experience how our service works? With a free demo account you can convince yourself of the Fundaments services. We are happy to tell you how we work with our partners and would like to hear from you if that would suit your company. Feel free to contact us.

Want to become a partner?