rules & regulations


In order to guarantee good cooperation, there are a number of agreements that we would like ourselves and others to adhere to. These are listed in the categories below.

General Terms and Conditions

The agreements from Fundaments are extended by the General Terms and Conditions that apply to all agreements. Our Terms and Conditions are provided as a download (PDF/NL).


In order to be able to carry out our services, we store data from you. What information this is and how Fundaments deals with your privacy can be found in our website privacy statement (NL).

Abuse / Notice and Takedown

Fundaments keep their network free of systems that cause nuisance and use a abuse and notice and takedown procedure for complaints about their customers.


On our website we use Google Analytics cookies to improve the user experience.

If you want to know more about one of our documents or procedures, please feel free contact with us.

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