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Oxilion on the efficient way of migrating in practice

How does a migration actually work in practice? To find out, we asked one of our partners: Oxilion. Since 2000, Oxilion has been a specialist in managed hosting. With a team of 20 enthusiastic and ambitious colleagues, they work for more than 8,500 clients, including OHRA, the Netherlands Institute for Physical Safety and numerous renowned advertising agencies and web developers. They specialise in business-critical hosting and proactively work on maximum speed, security and accessibility of applications or websites.

We speak with Harm Jan Stam, Support Engineer at Oxilion. As a Support Engineer he is the technical point of contact for customers who purchase a hosting solution at Oxilion. We asked him about his experiences with the migration services from Fundaments.

Efficient way of migrating

Oxilion uses the software from Zerto provided by Fundament for the migration of the servers of its customers. This enables Oxilion to carry out migrations between different data centres to and within vCloud locations. According to Harm Jan, it’s a very efficient way to migrate and it greatly reduces the down-time compared to migrations that they’ve performed in the past.

“What is practical about the migration software is that our engineers can start a migration via a simple WebGUI. We can start the initial synchronisation at any time, after which we can carry out the actual final migration at a moment indicated by the customer, such as at night,” Harm Jan explains.

Migrating in this way gives Oxilion a lot of time. “Previously, we had to disable a Virtual Machine (VM), and then make an OVF (Open Virtualization Format) export of many gigabytes in size. This export then had to be imported into vCloud, resulting in many hours of down-time for the customer. ” These long-term migrations with a lot of down-time are now prevented with the migration service from Fundaments.

 “The actual down-time can now be limited to a few minutes instead of hours.”

Time saving

At Oxilion they are very positive about the migration service from Fundaments. “Thanks to Zerto, the actual down-time can be limited to a few minutes instead of hours. It offers many benefits for our customers and that’s the most important aspect. In addition, it saves time for our engineers.”

Easy to use

An Oxilion engineer arranges the migration well before a migration. Once the synchronisation between the locations is completed and the RTO (Recovery Time Objective) is achieved, the engineer performs the migration at an agreed time. “Zerto is incredibly easy to use. And the WebGUI is simple and clear. So, the migration itself doesn’t take very long.” Harm Jan didn’t experience any real ‘challenges’ during use. However, they did perform a rollback once. “An incorrect inventory showed that a specific network was not present at the new location. Unfortunately, it wasn’t possible to fix in the short term, so we decided to carry out a rollback. The VM was synchronised back and started at the location, after which the service for the customer functioned without any problems. This was done within a few minutes and with just a few clicks of the button.”

“Our customers are very happy with this solution, because we can now migrate an entire infrastructure smoothly and with minimal downtime.”

Want to know more about Fundaments migration services? Please feel free to contact us. Or read more about migration and disaster recovery. Read more about the role of connections with a migration here.

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