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Kempen Automatisering over firewalls

Featured in this A Partner Speaks Out is Kempen Automation, the FileMaker specialist from Hilversum. FileMaker is actually a platform based around a powerful database. In addition to the possibilities to create databases, it also includes tools for reporting, publishing and sharing data. The company has clients in various sectors, including marketing and finance.

Security requirements are increasing

With the latter sector, the bridge was struck to a point that is permanently high on Kempen Automation’s agenda: the many security requirements that the company must meet. In addition to the already existing regulations for security, there are new developments that affect the company and customers. The best known of these is the Act on Data Leaks. This law means that companies have to report to the regulator and those affected when data is leaked. As a result, there’s an increased demand for methods to prevent the data leaks.

Maarten Huijs engineer at Kempen Automatisering: “Announcement of the act was the starting point for us to further tighten our own security policy. Not only our customers are affected by that act, but so are we. After all, we are the builder of applications that contain customer data, for example. With FileMaker Go we are able to make the customer use company data via their mobile devices. The traffic between server and mobile device must be as secure as the traffic in the office between server and workstation. In tenders and quotation processes, we often see extended questions about security. We want to anticipate the field of software development & hosting, security of customer data is an important part of this.”

NGRF (Next Generation Redundant Firewall) as a logical choice

At Kempen Automation there was there a need for a sound security solution. Through their own analysis Fortinet products, market leader in IT security, were already on the radar. Maarten was very enthusiastic about having a complete security suite, plus the fact that Fortinet counts as the de facto market leader. Coincidentally, while Maarten and his colleagues thought about this, Fundaments was running a similar process. Kempen Automation now buys a deliberately chosen subset of the complete Fortinet offer from Fundaments. Maarten; “Antivirus, although very important, doesn’t work without an Intrusion Prevention System. We were looking for a solution that supports us to defend every possible attack vector. We especially needed a modern smart firewall and with the Fundaments offer for the Next Generation Redundant Firewall, which is based on Fortinet technology, we now have exactly what we were looking for. For us it was a logical choice.”

NGRF in practice

What Kempen Automation was also looking for was a well-operable package, because the company has to deal with several customers. The chosen NGRF provides a clear interface for all services and that greatly reduces the chance of configuration errors. At Kempen Automation they know that the customers are increasingly aware of the necessity of monitoring and assessing inbound traffic (part of intrusion prevention). This also applies to options for checking outbound traffic.

Inbound and outbound traffic combined is also important for another frequently used option in the NGRF: the so-called geo-policies, or exclusion on a geographical basis. A user must be able to communicate with countries with which they do business. On the other hand, blocking traffic in both directions for countries with which they don’t do business is a sensible move. These geo-policies can easily be set via the NGRF panel, even on device level. Another option that’s very useful is the ability to block large files and files with a certain extension. The chance that an entire customer base or IP leaks away and appears on Pastebin is substantially reduced.

A package for both SME and Enterprise

The NGRF solution is expressly not only intended for large companies, Maarten clearly states: “The good thing about the solution we offer through Fundaments is that it also perfectly matches SME needs. It’s really simple. Customers can simply continue with what they were doing, but in a much more secure way. Yes, that says something about how flexible and scalable this Fundament NGRF solution is at individual customer level. There’s a reason we chose exactly this! We want to be the best in the field and that means we have to put top priority on security. With the combination of NGRF and the secured and certified infrastructure from Fundaments, we can do this. We, and our customers wouldn’t be satisfied with less. “

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